If you are placing an order for UPVC double glazed windows, you may want to know a bit more about what you will be getting for your money and how good it is. It's the way that UPVC double glazing is put together that really matters and as a window company we take an enormous pride in making sure we make a UPVC window that is technically perfect as the technology allows. We are always trying to improve one aspect or another of our process because we aim to stay ahead of our competitors.

70mm outer 70mm refers to the depth of the window outer frame the part that sits next to the brickwork.Because it measures 70mm it covers more of the gap left over the old window which in turn may mean less making good ie plaster/painting on the internal decor.

Windows now are internally glazed this means the window has the sealed glass unit held in place by beads on the inside.The biggest benefit means that you can glazed and bead the window from inside the house secondly it is very hard almost impossible to remove the glazing beads from the outside.

Tradeglaze offer self fit DIY double glazed windows and doors at rock bottom prices without compromises, all our double glazed windows and doors are high quality 70mm profile and all fitted with high quality window and door furniture and hardware.


Our upvc casement windows are available in a wide variety of colours and in almost every style imaginable. If you don't see a design that suits your home, please send us a detailed email to (using our Printable Forms). We will return you a quote incorporating our very best prices within 24 hours.

Upvc Tilt and Turn

Tilt and Turn are particularly useful where customers' require a different solution to an awkward problem with letting light and access into a home. Opening inwards with the additional feature of tilting inwards from the top, gives clients the option to consider an extra door into a room - also ensuring a good flow of ventilation in the tilt position.