Orangeries have a unique character and add style, space and functionality to a home. Orangeries have been described as a cross between a conservatory and a traditional extension, but this does these beautiful structures a huge injustice.

At Tradeglaze, we prefer to think of orangeries as the perfect blend of long established styling with cutting edge design, of traditional techniques with modern engineering, of time honoured craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods.

A Tradeglaze orangery is a fabulous way to add an extra room to your home, space that you could put to a whole host of uses; kitchen extension, dining area, lounge, studio or family room can all be accommodated within your orangery design.

Our orangeries could be the perfect choice for those who feel they are beginning to run out of room in their home, but love the property and are reluctant to leave. Instead of going though the process of purchasing a new house, an orangery can enhance the existing design and complement its appearance.

Our Orangery designs can also unite a home and its garden, acting as a bridge between the two. The use of glass in an orangery means it is airy, with plenty of natural light pouring in to enhance the space and provide a beautiful view.

However, you do not have to worry about orangeries getting too cold, as glazing ensures the heat is trapped, making them just as cosy as any other room in the house.

Whatever your particular tastes or requirements when it comes to extending your home, an orangery really could be the perfect way to add an extra dimension in a stylish and practical manner.